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FAFSA 101: 5 FAFSA tips to help you complete the application

College • October 18, 2019 • Bryana Blanco

What you’ll learn

  • FAFSA tips on what you’ll need to complete the application
  • How to prepare to fill out the application

The FAFSA application is a big responsibility for students and a sensitive form to fill out. But don’t stress—I’ve helped tons of my friends file it, and I can help you, too with this FAFSA guide.

Here are some helpful FAFSA tips and tricks to help you file

  1. Know the FAFSA Website is the only website that gives you access to the FAFSA application. Bookmark the page so it’s easily accessible. Remember the application is completely free. Don’t trust any website that claims otherwise or asks for payment.

  2. Gather your info

    There is certain information you’ll need to fill out the form. It's best to have it with you before starting the application so you can complete the form within 20 minutes. This information includes:

    • Your social security number
    • Your driver’s license number
    • Federal tax return form
      • If you’re claimed as a dependent, you’ll need your parents’ federal tax returns. If you are independent use your return form information. When it comes to what federal tax form to use, you’ll need your return from two years ago. If you’re applying for 2020-2021, use your 2018 return.
    • Any other document of reported income
    • Schools you will be attending/interested in attending
  3. Have a FSA ID and account ready

    If this is your first time filling out a FAFSA application, you’ll need to create an account and a Federal Student Aid (FSA) ID. Save this ID and password in a safe place as this is the information you will need to log in or save your application.

    Your parents may also need to create one if they are providing their information, so it might be a good idea to ask them to create one before you get started on the application.

  4. Have a reliable internet connection and a private area to fill out your form

    You want to be able to start your application and finish it at the same time, so go somewhere with a stable internet connection and use a reliable laptop or desktop.

    Also, you’ll be using personal information that should be kept private for your safety, so try filling out the form alone or in a place where others can’t easily view your screen.

  5. Apply early

    This is the most important FAFSA tip I can offer. The earlier you apply, the more aid you can receive. Plus, you’ll get it out of the way quickly and can go back to focusing on your studies.

    Knowing how much aid you qualify for early on gives you the opportunity to apply for scholarships, if needed. More time equals more opportunities to make a plan to pay for college.

Happy FAFSA!

I hope this FAFSA guide helps you have a simple FAFSA season and gives you a better understanding of how aid is determined for students.

Bryana is studying to become a nurse and loves her job as a Residential Advisor. She is a 2016 Bridging the Dream Scholarship winner.

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