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Easy Scholarships that Make Applying for Aid a Breeze

College • January 13, 2020 • Chris Morrison

What you’ll learn

  • What are easy scholarships
  • Why easy scholarships are worth applying for
  • How to find easy scholarships to help you pay for college
  • What easy scholarships are available

Do you remember the last time you got money for doing the absolute minimum? Of course you don’t, because that doesn’t happen often. But what if I told you that there are thousands of easy scholarships out there that do just that?

When it comes to paying for college, scholarships continue to serve a critical role in offsetting costs for students across the country. According to “How America Pays for College 2019”, 65% of students utilized scholarships to help pay for college. With plenty of simple, even easy, scholarship applications readily available to students online, the opportunity to get free money for college has never been better.

So, what’s an ‘easy’ scholarship? What I mean by that are scholarship applications that take very little time to complete and require less work on the part of the applicant to qualify. Scholarships can also be easy simply because they are fun to complete (and yes, those exist!).

How does one find an easy scholarship? Fortunately, easy scholarships are easy to find thanks to many online scholarship resources. Sallie Mae’s Scholarship Search tool offers students free access to approximately five million scholarships that are worth up to $24 billion in free money for college!

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With that in mind, here are seven easy scholarship apps that you can utilize to increase your chances of receiving free money for college:

  1. No Essay College Scholarship

    No essay? No problem! While many scholarships require students to write an essay in order to qualify, the No Essay College Scholarship awards $2,000 each month to a random student who either creates a free profile with Niche (a school ranking website with free resources for finding scholarships), or a student who logs into their existing profile during the month. Aside from the No Essay College Scholarship, other non-essay scholarships include the $1,000 SuperCollege Scholarship, the $1,000 You Deserve It Scholarship, and the $1,000 Cappex Easy College Money Scholarship.

  2. Tall Clubs International Scholarship

    How’s the weather up there? For the vertically fortunate, its sunny with a chance of scholarships! As the name suggests, the Tall Clubs International scholarship is given to two college-bound students who are exceptionally tall – at least 5’10” for women and 6’2” for men. So, if you qualify simply for being that tall, “heighten” your chances of receiving more financial aid in your first year of college by applying for this one.

  3. Left-Handed Scholarships

    Left is always right when it comes to qualifying for scholarships. And yes, it’s true – if you are left-handed, you can easily qualify for several scholarships just because you’re a lefty. Although each left-handed scholarship has its own individual criteria for applying, a few notable left-handed scholarships include the ESA Foundation Scholarship, the Andrew Macrina Scholarship Fund, and the MRCA Foundation Left-Handed Scholarship.

  4. Don’t Text and Drive Scholarship

    We all know not to text and drive. So, why not get free money for it? To qualify for the $1,000 Don’t Text and Drive Scholarship, simply complete an online application and write a 140-character pledge to not text and drive by the deadline of September 30 (coinciding with No Texting while Driving Day). Finalists will be selected and asked to write an essay on the topic, with the best essay taking home the $1,000 scholarship!

  5. Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship

    Have you ever envisioned how you would survive the zombie apocalypse? If so, the Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship is a “no brainer.” To qualify for this scholarship, simply write a 250-word statement outlining how you would survive the zombie apocalypse. Not only could you be selected to receive $2,000 for college, but you get to let your imagination run wild.

  6. Emoji Scholarship

    From 😍 to 🤣, we all have our favorite emojis. For the chance to receive the $1,000 Emoji Scholarship, just explain which emoji best represents your life. And that’s it! 🤑

  7. 10 Things You Love About You Scholarship

    Many scholarships ask applicants to describe the one reason why they should be selected to receive the scholarship. However, since you’re amazing, just one reason simply won’t do. So, check out the Top Ten List Scholarship! To have the chance to win the $1,500 Top Ten List Scholarship, write a list of the top ten reasons why you should be selected to receive the scholarship.

All in all, applying to easy scholarships is a great way to quickly increase one’s opportunity for receiving more scholarships to help pay for college. Not only are they easy to qualify for, quick to complete, and occasionally fun to do, but each has the chance of helping you significantly cut down on your annual college costs.

Chris graduated from the College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia, where he received a bachelor’s degree in business marketing. An analyst for Sallie Mae, Chris is interested in all things college, personal finance, and the Washington Nationals.

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